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Is your resume up to the challenge?

In the current employment market, the competition for opportunity has never been greater.

Is your resume up to the challenge?

  • Ask yourself the following questions about your resume.

    • I've submitted my current resume online for positions that exactly mirror my past jobs. Why am I NOT getting any responses?  I know I'm qualified, so why do I feel like my resume gets lost in a 'Black Hole'?
    • Does my resume present my unique selling proposition to differentiate me from others competing for the same position?
    • Will my resume entice a hiring manager to pick up the phone to set up an interview?
    • If I'm changing career paths, does my resume properly present my skills and background?
    • Do I have a Word document attachment I can upload?  Do I have a database-friendly text version enabling me to copy / paste into web forms and job postings?
    • What about my cover letter?  Do I have a strategy on editing my resume to speak to the various positions I'd like to respond to?
  • The goal of the Ultimate Resume is to generate an interview.

    • 'There's no second chance to make a first impression.!'  Your resume IS your first impression.
    • The Ultimate Resume is a concise, achievement-laden snapshot of your career, written to position you as imminently qualified for the opportunity you're seeking.  It's the door opener to get you the interviews you want and job you deserve.
    • We select very specific 'drivers' from your duties and responsibilities that demonstrate your impact on your prior companies' success. This approach varies significantly from the lists of chores / job descriptions seen on your competitions' resumes. Companies are interested in hiring people who make a difference. The Ultimate Resume shows HOW YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE!
    • The Ultimate Resume writing team offers over 25 years of expertise in developing successful professional presentations drawn from our extensive recruiting / staffing experience.
  • What is your career worth?

    • You will only make a handful of quality job changes over the course of your career. Your professional growth starts with your resume, it's the catalyst.  Think of your resume as a marketing piece where YOU are the product.
    • Making a small investment today in a professionally written resume will pay dividends throughout the rest of your career.

Why Ultimate Resume?

  • Who we are.

    The Ultimate Writing Team —

    • Gary Eastwood is a much published writer, having written thousands of resumes, the Sales Training book "Best Seller!" and numerous industry articles for publications for the Recruitment and Solar Industries.
    • Steven Beck is the Editor / Format Guru and content provider. Together our team provides resume packages that exceed our clients' expectations and deliver your professional background in a highly compelling and pleasing visual style.

    Why Ultimate Resume?

    • As Professional Writers and Executive Recruiters with over 25 years of hands-on talent acquisition experience in a variety of vertical markets, we are unique in combining the knowledge of what 'sells' in today's market and how to present your skills and experience.
    • We'll prepare a winning document that is concise, stylish and focused on highlighting your unique professional abilities. We work with you through an interview process to develop 'Outcome Statements' (Specific examples of the positive impact you've made in your jobs).  These quantifiable details make all the difference and grab the reader's attention versus the typical collection of tired, rehashed position descriptions.
  • Our services.


    • We keep it simple. We use a flat rate, per-page pricing model that is highly competitive and our clients love it. Updates are done on a time and materials basis.
    • Call us now to discuss your needs and we will detail our services and pricing directly and simply. Our goal, is to 'under promise and over deliver'.


    Value / Benefits of investing in the Ultimate Resume:

    • Free consultation prior to purchase
    • No Charge text / simplified database version
    • Free interview briefing tools
    • Cover letter template included
    • We store you resume in our RAID Resume Vault so you'll never lose your resume again!  If you move, change computers or experience a crash, give us a call, we'll email your most recent version to you, so you'll never 'lose' your resume again!'


    Call us today @: (661) 295-1300

  • What our clients have to say.

    • ... As a seasoned TV and Film professional, I have a long list of credentials and credits that help sell my experience for new work. Your writer did a fantastic job, I've had a great response and am working on two new pilots because of it. Thanks, S. Baymar
    • Thanks Ultimate Resume, I've landed a VP of Sales position that I doubt I would have gotten without your help. The VP of HR commented on my resume and felt it was the best he's seen. I've recommended many of my colleagues to Ultimate Resume. T. Norlander - VP of Sales
    • I struggled trying to do this myself. I put it off too long but thanks to you, I have two companies now vying for my talents. I've been able to use your anchor stories to present myself better on interview and think you've prepared me to get one of these two jobs. Thanks Ultimate Resume! D. Marlin
    • Your approach makes sense. You understand what the companies and hiring managers are looking for and you deliver! I went from getting zero hits on the boards to multiples. J. Winters




Your personal resume interview can be conducted one of two ways:

1) Face-2-Face in our Valencia, CA office

2) Via telephone

All options are scheduled by appointment only.

We look forward to working with you!



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